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Greet with green - Miyawaki Technique

Miyawaki technique is supposed to ensure that plant growth is ten times faster and the resulting plantation is thirty times denser than usual which in turn helps to build dense native forest. Kaamadhenu came forward in initiating it inside the college campus and ¾ of an acre was allotted. Chittode Doctor K.Madeswaran, Founder Chairman of Royal Care Hospital, Coimbatore came forward to support us to initiate this technique. He through his NGO, Uyirin Suvasam which works for 2 crore tress by the end of 2022 sponsored 1000 saplings and he also visited our campus for planting the first sapling on Saturday Nov 30, 2019. A doctor by profession, he pointed out that we are in need of fast growing forest as massive urbanisation causes depletion of greenery, aggravation of global warming and visible change in climatic pattern. The zoological pattern also undergoes a change with a massive depletion of sparrows across the country. This event of forest conservation effort in turn gave an encouragement to the staffs and the students to plant at least a sapling.