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Interdepartmental Cultural Fest

“Sparx” is an interdisciplinary festival celebrated with pomp and splendour in the college premises in the month of March every academic year. This year it was celebrated on 7th March 2020. Myriad competitions both on stage and off stage are conducted by the organisers to bring out latent talent of the students. Ranging from Oratory to Group Dance, a fierce interdepartmental rivalry grasps the students who vie with one another to enthrone their department in the winner’s seat. All the twelve departments plunged into the game, which eventually ended up with the win of the Mathematical department. More than the competition, the enthusiasm displayed by the staff and the students is an extraordinary feat, as it not only enthuses the students, but beefs up their spirits. The colours of imagination drew a rainbow from the Kaamadhenu’s brow for the first time, and it hung and shone even after the sun left its western shore. The college intends to expand such celebrations in the future, which would light the young minds with Joy and Strength.