About the Association

The Computer Science Association was formed in the year 2001. At present we have two departments namely, CA & IT & PG and Research Department of Computer Science with 17 energetic faculty members working in the association. The association is working to the core with academic and research activities. Further the Research department produced 64 M.Phil and 2 Ph.D scholars. Various informative Guest Lectures, Faculty Development Programme, Soft Skill Development Programme , Seminar, Conference and Workshops are organized.


  • Providing additional academic resources, workshops, seminars, and tutoring to enhance students understanding of computer science related subjects beyond the regular curriculum
  • Arranging industry visits, inviting guest speakers, and organizing panel discussions to expose students to real-world business scenarios and trends, thereby bridging the gap between academia and industry
  • Providing guidance and resources for students interested in entrepreneurship, including workshops on IOT technologies.
  • Conducting community service initiatives, social awareness campaigns, and projects that enable students to innovate the new technologies of IOT
  • Hosting competitions, conferences, and events like Intercollegiate meet, quizzes, and trade fairs to encourage healthy competition and foster a spirit of innovation among students
  • Encouraging research initiatives, publishing newsletters or journals, and organizing research-oriented events to promote academic inquiry and knowledge dissemination in computer science related fields
Roles and Responsibilities

  • 1. Actively engage in the activities and events organized by the association, contributing ideas, and participating in discussions and initiatives
  • 2. Collaborate with fellow members to plan, organize, and execute events such as workshops, seminars, conferences, and social gatherings related to computer education and industry trends
  • 3. Assist in promoting association events and initiatives through various channels such as social media, posters, emails, and word-of-mouth to ensure maximum participation
  • 4. Help manage logistics, registration, and coordination during events to ensure they run smoothly and attendees have a positive experience
  • 5. Welcome and assist new members in understanding the objectives, activities, and benefits of being a part of the computer science association
  • 6. Assist in managing the association's finances by contributing to budget planning, fundraising activities, and ensuring responsible expenditure for planned events and initiatives
  • 7. Maintain records, document minutes of meetings, and prepare reports detailing the progress and outcomes of association activities for future reference and assessment
  • 8. Actively seek opportunities for personal and professional development by attending relevant workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance skills that benefit the association
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Dr. R Rajesh Faculty Coordinator Assistant Professor & Head PG and Research Department of Computer Science
2 Mr. A. P. Thangamuthu Faculty Coordinator Assistant Professor & Head Department of CA & IT
3 Mr. V. Ashwinth President II M Sc CS
4 Ms N Nandhini Vice President I M Sc CS
5 Ms. S. Mary Sangeetha Secretary III BCA
6 Ms. S. Tharani Joint Secretary III B Sc CS B
7 Mr. K. S. Ajithkumar Treasurer III B Sc CS A
8 Ms. M. Gokila Executive Member Assistant Professor PG and Research Department of Computer Science
9 Mr. M. Rajkumar Executive Member Assistant Professor Department of CA & IT
10 Ms. K. Sangeetha Executive Member Assistant Professor PG and Research Department of Computer Science
11 Ms. E. Nithya Executive Member Assistant Professor Department of CA & IT