About the Club

    Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) was established in Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College on 2022 to engage our students to sensitize Students and Public with their electoral rights. It also aims at strengthening the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.


  • To help the target audience understand the value of their vote
  • To facilitate voter registration for its eligible members who are not yet registered
  • To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the informed and ethical voting and follow the principle 'Every Vote Counts' and 'No Voter to be Left Behind'
  • To enable critical thinking on issues related to elections, rights, democracies/non-democracies electoral system and its processes
  • To cooperate with the District Administration and the State Election Commission in conducting smooth elections in the state with the help of NSS Volunteers
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Ms.E.Nithya Assistant Professor, Department of CA & IT Coordinator
2 Ms.P.Hemalatha Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Computer Science Co-coordinator
3 R.Preethi III B.Sc IT Student Coordinator
4 N.Nandhini I M.Sc CS Student Coordinator
5 S.Dharanidharan III B.Sc CS A Student Member
6 P.Sanjay Ram III B.Sc CS A Student Member
7 M.Dhanraj III B.Sc CS B Student Member
8 P.Sowmiya III BCA Student Member
Roles and Responsibilities
Awareness Campaigns

    Conduct campaigns to raise awareness about the significance of voting. Electoral Literacy Club (ELC), roles and responsibilities focus on promoting awareness and understanding of the electoral process.Organize educational workshops and seminars to enhance knowledge about electoral systems.

Voter Registration Drives

    Facilitate events and campaigns to encourage eligible individuals to register to vote and provide information on registration procedures.

Community Engagement

    Engage with local communities through Extensional and outreach programs to ensure a broader understanding of the electoral process and its implications. Collaborate with election authorities to disseminate accurate and timely information, ensuring that the community is well-informed about election procedures.

S No Date Events No.of Participants
1 10-10-2023 Wall Magazine cum Poster Making Competition 40
2 19-09-2023 One Day Camp – “Your ID, Your Vote: Voter Registration Drive” 161
3 15-02-2023 Importance of Voting 61
4 10-02-2023 Demonstration Session to enroll Voter Registration 55
5 23-01-2023 Voter Awareness Cycle Rally 20