About the Club

The Citizen Consumer Club of Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College was established in the academic year 2008-2009, with the sole objective of imparting knowledge in the minds of the younger generation about their role in protecting their rights as consumers. Moreover, the club intends to create awareness among the rurally illiterate masses regarding their rights and responsibilities as consumers. In this regard, every year the club initiates various awareness programmes like rallies and outreach programmes. In addition, the club motivates its members to celebrate National Consumer day, World Consumer Day, National Youth Day, Road Safety Day and Iodine Day.


  • Bring awareness and realization about duties and responsibilities as citizens of India
  • Create awareness about the rights and responsibilities of citizens and consumers as provided in the Constitution of India, the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and other Indian laws
  • Enable students and self-help groups to work together as a team with local communities and develop in to caring, responsible and honest citizens
  • Mobilize and instill right-consciousness and the confidence to question violations of citizen and consumer rights and fight for justice
  • Impart knowledge about real-life situations and enable the development of skills to handle citizen and consumer issues
  • Instill concern for the environment around us as citizens and consumers and sustainable consumption habits
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Dr T Saravanan Assistant Professor Department of Commerce PA and IT Coordinator
2 Mr N Yogananthan Assistant Professor Department of English Co-Coordinator
3 Mr V Dhamodharan III B.Com IT President
4 Mr E Saravanan II B.Com IT Secretary
5 Ms S Keerthana II B.Com Treasurer
Roles and Responsibilities

    President of the Club involves leadership, coordination, and various responsibilities related to promoting consumer awareness and advocating for consumer rights among the student body.


    Secretary is responsible for the efficient functioning of the club and the smooth execution of its activities.


    Treasurer is primarily focused on managing the club's finances and ensuring that it operates within its budget. The Treasurer plays a crucial role in maintaining the club's financial health and supporting its activities.

Functions of Citizen Consumer Club

  • Monthly meetings and lecture cum demonstrations for one hour on the first Thursday of each month
  • Days of national and international importance to citizens and consumers celebrated in the college. Poster/Oratorical/Essay competitions organized by the Club at regular intervals
  • Field visits to local markets/consumer courts and door to door campaign in the local community is organized minimum 4 visits in a year
  • Minutes of each activity have to be recorded by the student and the coordinator jointly in the minute’s book
  • A Citizen Consumer Club notice board shall be opened to be updated daily by the Coordinator and students with consumer related news
  • Special projects/awareness campaigns to build awareness on citizen duties are given to sub groups of the club
S No Date Events No.of Participants
1 25.07.2023 Consumer Awareness Programme 60
2 15.03.2023 World Consumer Rights Day 60
3 24.12.2022 National Consumer Day Celebration 60
4 10.11.2022 Consumer Awareness Programme 60
5 27.08.2022 Field Visit - Daily Market 60