The drastic strides in Science and Technology has shrunk the world with the scientists laying a ladder to open up the skies in near future. In changes, education plays a primordial role in moulding the future generations with knowledge and wisdom. Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College is a product of this vision and the dream of strengthening the rural and semi urban boys and girls has propelled us to initiate this project which soon will scale greater heights.

Discipline, knowledge and strength are three vital components of our educational system and it is our endeavour to infuse these virtues into the young minds of India. Though pedagogy is important, as an institution we take extreme care to place the graduates and post graduates in a suitable job. With the serene nature with us, we wish to ensure the health and safety of the students by providing them a green learning atmosphere that would strengthen them physically and mentally

“Nature is Truth
Truth is Nature”

Best Wishes and Regards

R Perumalsamy