About the Committee

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College was established in the year 2017 with a specific focus on preventing and addressing sexual harassment inside the campus. Primarily the committee is concerned with creating a safe and inclusive environment for all women students and employees.


  • To create a secure physical and social environment to prevent any act of sexual harassment
  • To deal with issues of Gender Based Violence
  • To conduct Gender sensitization Programme
  • To raise awareness on sexual harassment in the campus
  • To uphold the commitment of the insititute to provide an environment free of gender based discrimination
Role of Internal Complaints Committee

  • To create and ensure a safe environment that is free of sexual harassment, particularly of women employees and students to maintain an atmosphere of equality and gender justice
  • To take note of complaints of sexual harassment of female students and employees to conduct inquiries, and to provide assistance
  • To recommend to the concerned authorities, if necessary, follow-up action and to monitor the same
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position Contact Number
1 Ms S Bharathi Assistant Professor and Head Department of Commerce Coordinator 93626 82810
2 Ms S Kavitha Assistant Professor and Head Department of English Member 96592 21827
3 Ms M Jayamani Assistant Professor and Head Department of Physics Member 97881 16511
4 Dr S Kavita Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Member 88701 50099
5 Ms S Ramya Assistant Professor Department of Tamil Member 99421 30934
6 Ms R Harinisree Assistant Professor Department of PA and IT Member 81442 50316
7 Ms A Prabha Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics Member 96981 08196
8 Ms K Saranya Assistant Professor Department of CA & IT Member 95003 94446
9 Ms A Rathika Physical Director Department of Physical Education Member 94430 69222
10 Ms S Subashini Office Superintendent Member 93608 68622
11 Ms S Thenmozhi Programme Manager Sudar NGO External Member 77081 62200
12 Ms D Joice Senthamarai Advocate External Member 94430 24438
13 Ms M Logeswari III B.Com B Student Member 97892 67292
14 Ms M Tharani III B.Sc Computer Science B Student Member 93455 78476
15 Ms S Rujitha II B.Com Student Member 97904 54133