Education is the noblest of all arts, as it is deemed to be the “light giver” knowledge need to be sought, but a proper atmosphere would enable the seekers to ingest the same with ease. Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College is a platform for the knowledge seekers, of which the most intense one will gain wisdom as well.

For the past two decades, thousands of students have been graduating, and it is great to know that most of them are well placed in the spheres of their choice. There is no doubt that we are evolving each and every year and presently we are full-fledged in terms of infrastructural facilities and teaching facilities. Our staff members use both the conventional and non-conventional teaching methodologies with constant utilisation of the multi media technologies. Body, mind, soul and the skills of the individuals are taken care and every modern facility of the international institutions are being adapted and funnelled into the system in a graded manner.

I thank the Management and all the stakeholders for opening up the gates of knowledge to the rural and semi-urban society. I wish the Institution and the society to flourish through constant interactions and strong bondage.

With Best Wishes & Regards

Dr A Gurumoorthi