About IPR Cell

    Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a general term covering patents, registered design, trademarks, copyright, and layout design of integrated circuits, trade secrets, geographical indicators and anti-competitive practices in contractual licenses.IPR is usually a form of right granted by the government to an inventor or their successor-in-title, giving the owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, and importing an invention for a limited period of time, in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention. Its aim is to clarify the rights and responsibilities of students regarding intellectual property created during their academic pursuits or activities within an educational institution.


  • To create awareness and educate on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among faculty and students of the college
  • To advise and guide faculty and students on the importance of IPR
  • To conduct workshops, activities, and training programmes
  • To provide guidelines on applicable laws, the value of Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents
  • To guide inventors in respect of patenting their inventions
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Ms S Rekha Assistant Professor Department of English Coordinator
2 Ms P Ponmila Assistant Professor Department of Commerce PA and IT Co-Coordinator
3 Ms G Sujithra III BA English Member
4 Mr J Nandha I MA English Member
5 Ms M Suriyapriya III B.Com PA Member
6 Ms M Archana II B.Com IT Member
7 Ms D Sreeja III B.Com PA Member
History of Events
S No Name of Event Date No.of Participants
1 Awareness Programme on Intellectual Property Rights 02.08.2023 50
2 Virtual Meet on Intellectual Property Rights-An Overview 26.04.2022 83
3 IPR Awareness Programme on Creation of Patents and Designs 20.04.2022 82
4 Webinar on Comprehend the Significance of Patent Protection 02.11.2021 72
5 Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights & It’s Management 19.04.2021 65