About the Committee

Anti-Drug Committee was formed in Kaamadhenu to ensure a drug-free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption or use of drugs and alcohol by the students, within the college / hostels or outside the campus.


  • To promote the innate potential of the Youth in a drug free world
  • To figure out the dangers and consequences of drugs and inhalant abuse
  • To maintain drug free campus
  • To motivate students to become volunteers of anti-drug activities in their life
Drug Prevention KASC

  • Anti-Drug squad is constituted in the college
  • The Anti-Drug Committee organises awareness programs in the college and hostels with the help of, government authorized agencies / organizations
  • Carrying out regular as well as surprise visits in hostels and other places
  • Drug Abuse prevention programme
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Dr.A.Gurumoorthi Principal Convener
2 Ms.A.Rathika Physical Director and Head, Department of Physical Education Coordinator
3 Mr.M.Vinobharathi Physical Director, Department of Physical Education Co-coordinator
4 Mr.J.Vishal Vikram Assistant Physical Director, Department of Physical Education Member
5 Mr.V.Velayutham Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil Member
6 Mr.L.Dhamodharan III B.Com Member
7 Mr.E.Gowtham II BBA Member
8 Ms.V.Preethi I B.Com PA Member
9 Ms.R.Keerthana I B.Sc CDF Member
10 Ms.S.Karpagavalli I BA Tamil Member
11 Ms.S.Rajeswari II BA Tamil Member
12 Mr.R.James Antony Basser III B.Com CA Member
13 Mr.A.Vimaleshkumar I BBA Member