About the club

Fine Arts & Cultural club provides an opportunity to the students to strengthen their talent and provides them with the goal to develop themselves in various cultural fields. Students expose their efficiency with confidence and team work to express their creativity in different aspects.


  • To motivate the upcoming talents, encourage participation, creative ability and artistic distinction
  • To impart skill based training to make them creative artists and citizens
  • To organize various competitions, functions and events inside the campus
  • To make the student confident and competitive in the global environment
  • To promote the understanding and sharing of culture
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Dr.A.Gurumoorthi Principal Convener
2 Mr.K.Aravind Assistant Professor and Head in CDF Coordinator
3 Ms.R.Divya Assistant Professor in English Coordinator
4 Ms.S.P.Uma Assistant Professor in CDF Member
5 Ms.M.Priyanka Assistant Professor in PGRCA Member
6 Ms.M.Revathi Assistant Professor in Tamil Member
7 Ms.K.Thulasimani Assistant Professor in PGRCS Member
8 Ms.A.Vani Assistant Professor in Commerce Member
9 Ms.P.Mythili Assistant Professor in Maths Member
10 Ms.M.Manopriya Assistant Professor in English Member
11 Ms.A.Nivetha Assistant Professor in BBA Member
12 Ms.S.Abarna Assistant Professor in Commerce PA&IT Member
13 Ms.G.Sandhiya Assistant Professor in CA&IT Member
S No Date Events No.of Participants
1 21-07-2023 Singing competition 20
2 27-07-2023 Flash Mob 48
3 18-08-2023 Photography competition 78
4 06-10-2023 to 09-10-2023 Intercollege Meet-FANTASY RIVAL 2K23 12
5 31-10-2023 Fun event-Body building competition 13