Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College is rich in infrastructure and the very location has a lot to offer the blooming minds. The spacious classrooms with 24X7 power supply provide the students a comfortable stay in the college premises. The learning rooms are not only ventilated but are stuffed with benches and desks that allow pupils to be vigilant and alert during class hours. The classes are furnished with ceiling fans and tube lights that provide adequate lighting during rainy times. Each wing has drinking water facilities at specific spots and also dotted with toilet facilities. Fire extinguisher for emergency situations is fitted in all the floors. The college administration has taken extreme care in providing clean drinking water to the students through massive RO plant.

A rich library that has mosaic of collections from various subjects, stored primarily to develop the reading habits of the students. Apart from the subject books, our library has English and Tamil best sellers, Competitive exam books, Journals and Magazines.

The well-equipped Computer labs with Wi-Fi connections and modern systems enable the students to learn the nitty-gritty’s of their subjects at a faster pace. In addition to the computer labs, the institution is proud to have Physics and Chemistry laboratories with all modern equipments that are part and parcel of the university curriculum. The garment construction laboratory for CDF students is equipped with latest mechanics that helps them to learn various types of stitches.

An expansive playground spreads a green carpet welcome to the students to utilize it in an exponential manner. The management is very particular about the health of the students and therefore it encourages them to actively participate in games and other activities. Also students have been granted daily access to the gym to maintain healthy body and healthy mind.

A solid, hygienic tasty canteen is within the college premises serves the students with quality vegetarian and non vegetarian food, snacks, hot beverages, and other chocolate and mint items. Steps had been taken to ensure hygiene and quality of food at a manageable price.

A commodious hostel for girls and boys located within the premises. The rooms are provided with electricity, water, security and basic necessities. For the day scholars, the institution provides bus services to ferry them to and from their residence. Inorder to facilitate the financial transaction for the college inmates and the public we have provided space to install SBI ATM.