Computer Lab
Our campus has six exclusive computer labs namely Gosling lab, Linus lab, Gates lab, Ritchie lab, Jobs lab, and Holberton lab, with 384 computers having for programming and practical sessions. These labs feature computers with the latest configurations, interconnected to offer comprehensive resources for understanding computer science concepts and delving into subjects at a faster pace. With round-the-clock internet access, students have constant connectivity. The network operates on a 100 Mbps internet bandwidth, ensuring seamless access. IOT lab had also been set up with Audrino and Raspberry PI microcontrollers and microphones to help students apply the programming knowledge to solve real world problems.

The soothing ambiance of the sewing lab provided the perfect environment for focused craftsmanship and the students brought their unique ideas to creativity. The lab is equipped with sixty machines that help CDF students to learn about all form of stitches to groom themselves as fashion makers. Every corner of the lab held a different stage of sewing, from layout and cutting to stitching. CAD laboratory aims to enhance the student inherent creativity in fashion designing through use of latest soft wares like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, ESSDI related to pattern making, grading and colour matching systems. Well equipped textile processing laboratory of the college helps the students to gain knowledge in dyeing and printing.

Physics Lab
The institution is proud to have physics and chemistry laboratories with modern equipments that are part and parcel of the curriculum. With state of art instruments in the physics laboratory, students can enjoy the hands on training on the practical aspects of the syllabus. Students are provided with instruments that are needed for the regular practicals. Apart from the practical hours, they can utilize the facilities of the laboratory even after the class hours. The department ensures the safety of students while handling the concentrated acids and solutions in the chemistry lab.