Joint Secretary

We are living in the globalised world where talent becomes part and parcel of one’s success. As an institution it is our duty to sharpen the skills of the students and make them academically eligible to swim against the tide.

The college has all the necessary amenities to make the students’ sojourn a peaceful and a safe one. We provide the needed inputs and make them realise their fullest potential that would enable them to breathe success at the earliest opportunity.

The departments will cater not only to the academic requirements of the students, but also would act as a hot bed for research activities. The libraries are well stocked that are certain to open the windows of innovation and research to the next generation.

As I have already poured enough words, I don’t wish to dabble my pen for long. It is our earnest commitment to fulfil the desires of the stake holders and it is our belief that any academic entrant will exit the institution with brimming confidence and overflowing courage to win fame and name in the shaky world.

With Best Wishes & Regards

P Malar Selvi
Joint Secretary