Here you will find Video Lectures/Presentations by our Faculty.





PG and Research Department of Computer Science

1 N Vimala Black Box Testing https://youtu.be/uBRBOy7rRgc
2 M Rajeshkumar Introduction of DIP https://youtu.be/zeGE0B6vT90
3 N Vimala Insertion Sorting https://youtu.be/0t57kPeqlL8
4 G Sangeetha Remote Data Object https://youtu.be/rgZyc-6LB0Y
5 M Rajeshkumar Fundamental Steps of DIP https://youtu.be/euh7auAlSxs
6 N Vimala Spanning Tree https://youtu.be/vc1db8WPCSY
7 G Sangeetha Binary Operations https://youtu.be/RrO80sljM58
8 N Vimala Python Programming https://youtu.be/j2JwQ7w4Rao
9 G Sangeetha Input Output Processor https://youtu.be/3Y-fgVHi6y4
10 M Rajeshkumar Components of DIP https://youtu.be/l0r5U3OwacE
11 N Vimala System Testing https://youtu.be/l2UBxIfT9kg
12 M Rajeshkumar Image Sensing and Acquisition https://youtu.be/idSnMOZWuvU
13 G Sangeetha Evolution of Computer Architecture https://youtu.be/_lzkxvA-Nu8
14 M Rajeshkumar Image Sampling and Quantization https://youtu.be/1KOtPC5-exM
15 G Sangeetha ActiveX EXE Applications https://youtu.be/ISwNQOeXNrw

Department of Commerce

16 Dr T Nathiya Contract https://youtu.be/gPGL-0jWYLA
17 Dr T Nathiya Classification of Contract https://youtu.be/1kECa4PXLLw
18 Dr T Nathiya Types of Offer https://youtu.be/zK24YQMSQXE

Department of Commerce PA and IT

19 Dr T Ambika Management Accounting https://youtu.be/pZMcVY81a7c
20 Dr G Malathi Budgets and Budgetary Control https://youtu.be/tgKWtlhdv5k
21 Dr T Saravanan Introduction to Cost Accounting https://youtu.be/x6a_U8oHk9E
22 Dr G Malathi Leadership https://youtu.be/HPRTA5d9C_E
23 Dr T Saravanan Objectives of Cost Accounting https://youtu.be/XQTCwsa7FFo
24 Dr G Malathi Introduction to Marketing https://youtu.be/Rct8wFRTJh0

PG and Research Department of Commerce CA

25 Dr S P Priyadharshini Stack Operation https://youtu.be/G9yoE5KflvY
26 Dr M Prakash Principles of Insurance https://youtu.be/2hUfFIpAqJs
27 Dr S P Priyadharshini Quick Sort https://youtu.be/-535YUBdF3Y
28 Dr S P Priyadharshini Basic Computer Concepts https://youtu.be/DhzLghE9RMg

Department of Mathematics

29 A Deebamonica Groups https://youtu.be/tp8IXY3Dk0s
30 A Deebamonica Sequence and Series https://youtu.be/CM-kVik55Ok
31 A Deebamonica Integration by Parts https://youtu.be/6DKuVUlkMIk