About the Council

Student Council is a team of student representatives for curricular and extracurricular activities. The Student Council role is to give students an opportunity to experience leadership and to express their opinions and grievances. In order to create a healthy environment and promote the overall growth of the students at the College, the Student Council will continuously seek to identify student-related concerns and assist in their resolution.


  • To be the voice of the students to the administration, and vice versa as well
  • To develop and provide opportunities for leadership by organizing and carrying out college activities
  • To provide a platform where the students can showcase their talent without hesitation
  • To develop student potential and promote educated, honest, interested, and active citizenship
  • To encourage student involvement in the council, different clubs, committees, and other activities
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Ms M Kanimozhi Assistant Professor Department of English Coordinator
2 Ms M Jayamani Assistant Professor Department of Physics Coordinator
3 Mary Sangeetha S III BCA President
4 Abinaya B II B.Sc CS Vice President
5 Dhamodharan L III B.Com Secretary
6 Gowtham E II BBA Joint Secretary
7 Preethi V I B.Com PA Treasurer
8 Keerthana R I B.Sc CDF Joint Treasurer
9 Karpagavalli S I BA Tamil Member
10 Rajeswari S II BA Tamil Member
11 Karpagavalli S I BA Tamil Member
12 Srinithi S III BA Tamil Member
13 Janish Prem J II BA English Member
14 Sujithra III BA English Member
15 Akshaya K II MA English Member
16 Nandha J I MA English Member
17 Saronroja Y I B.Sc Maths Member
18 Vimala R II B.Sc Maths Member
19 Sanjay V III B.Sc Maths Member
20 Gopinath S I M.Sc Maths Member
21 Thiluja S II B.Sc CDF Member
22 Afrina M G III B.Sc CDF Member
23 Mariyacharles B I BBA Member
24 Manikavasu C III BBA Member
25 Saipriya G I B.Sc CS Member
26 Tharani S III B.Sc CS Member
27 Nandhini P I M.Sc CS Member
28 Ashwinth V II M.Sc CS Member
29 Reena T II BCA Member
30 Nandhinidevi S I B.Sc IT Member
31 Devi S II B.Sc IT Member
32 Thirumalaisamy S III B.Sc IT Member
33 Silambarasan K I B.Com Member
34 Rujitha S II B.Com Member
35 Ashwin.B I B.Com CA Member
36 Samuel R II B.Com CA Member
37 James Antony Basser R III B.Com CA Member
38 Hariprasad P I M.Com Member
39 Pavithra P II M.Com Member
40 Ranjitha G I M.Com CA Member
41 Deepa M II M.Com CA Member
42 Sreeja D III B.Com PA Member
43 Priyadharshini S I B.Com IT Member
44 Sushmitha A II B.Com IT Member
45 Mariammal R III B.Com IT Member
Roles and Responsibilities

The President is responsible for presiding over meetings of the Council. The President, with the Secretary, prepares the agenda for each meeting and, where necessary, signs the minutes once they have been agreed by the Council. The President may also be designated to represent the Council at meetings with management.


The Vice-Presidents are responsible for assisting the President, and when the President is absent from a meeting she/he assumes the role of the President for that meeting.


The Secretary, with the President, is responsible for maintaining accurate and organized records of all council meetings. This includes creating agendas, taking minutes, and recording attendance.

Joint Secretary

The Joint Secretary typically assists the Secretary in their duties. This may involve helping with administrative tasks, such as organizing meetings, taking minutes, and managing correspondence.


Treasurer positions in a student council primarily revolve around managing the council's finances and ensuring financial responsibility.

Joint Treasurer

The Joint Treasurer works closely with the Treasurer to help manage the council's finances effectively. They assist in various financial tasks and responsibilities.


Members in the Student Council actively engage in council meetings, discussions, and activities. Attend meetings regularly and contribute constructively to discussions and decision-making. Effective communication, teamwork, and a commitment to serving the student community are essential qualities for a successful member of a student council.

History of Events
S No Name of Event Date No. Participants
1 Student Orientation on Code of Conduct 24.06.2023 827
2 Onam celebration 29.08.2023 62
3 Teacher’s Day Celebration 05.09.2023 104
4 DJ Party 08.09.2023 1468
5 Awareness Programme on “Family Welfare Law & Pre Legal Services” 29.09.2023 230