About the Cell

Women Empowerment Cell was established in the college to address specific concerns on the welfare and equal opportunities of female faculty, staff and students. The main goal of the cell is to create safe environment for women student and employees in the college campus. It also empowers female students through organizing various programmes.


  • To help women students and staff to understand their strengths and develop intellectual potential
  • To provide equal opportunities for women and men in terms of accessing knowledge, services and employment opportunities
  • To establish guidelines of the institution to take actions in redressing the compliance related to gender imbalances and sexual harassment
  • To strengthen the physical and psychological attitude of women to handle critical circumstances
  • To implement the policy guidelines, proposals and provisions of gender policy specifically and directly to all departments, administration and other institutional structures
  • To propose transformation of values, norms and practices of the institution which hinder the promotion of gender equality
  • To conduct awareness programmes on health, law, entrepreneurship, and self-defense, social rights and privileges of women in India
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Ms P Arunthathi Secretary Chairperson
2 Ms P Malar Selvi Joint Secretary Convener
3 Ms R Harinisree Assistant Professor in PA and IT Coordinator
4 Ms P Pavithra Assistant Professor in Commerce Co-Coordinator
5 Ms R Sumithra Assistant Professor in Tamil Co-Coordinator
6 Ms P Mythili Assistant Professor in Mathematics Member
7 Ms M Priyanka Assistant Professor in PGRCA Member
8 Ms R Preethi Assistant Professor in CDF Member
9 Ms P Hemalatha Assistant Professor in PGRCS Member
10 M Logeswari III B.Com B Student Member
11 P Nandhini I M.Sc CS Student Member
12 M Deepa I M.Com CA Student Member
13 V Preethi I B.Com PA Student Member
14 S Devi II B.Sc.IT Student Member
15 T Reena II BCA Student Member
S No Date Events No.of Participants
1 22.08.2023 Importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene 350
2 17.07.2023 Distribution of Sanitary Napkins 200
3 08.03.2023 Women’s Day Celebration 500
4 02.03.2023 Awareness Programme on Girl Child Safety 56
5 26.08.2022 Women’s Equality Day Celebration 98