About the Club

    Yoga education helps in self-discipline and self-control, leading to an immense amount of awareness, concentration, and a higher level of consciousness. In our college, the Yoga and Meditation Club was started for the benefit of faculty members and students by organising various programmes to understand the significance of maintaining good health both physically and mentally. The trained teachers and the experts of Yoga are invited to teach exercises and meditation.


  • To offer regular yoga and meditation sessions to promote physical fitness and mental relaxation
  • To organize workshops, events, and seminars related to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness
  • To provide a platform for the members to share their knowledge and experiences
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Ms M Sakthi Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics Coordinator
2 Ms P K Jeevitha Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics Co-Coordinator
3 Ms P Ragavi Student I M.Sc Mathematics Student Coordinator
4 Mr G Abinesh Student I B.Com CA B Student Coordinator
5 Ms B Abinaya Student II B.Sc CS B Student Member
S No Date Events No.of Participants
1 21.06.2023 SKY YOGA on the event of International yoga day 399
2 02.08.2022 “Yoga Asanas…. A health maker for energetic youth” 379
3 21.06.2022 “Think Less, Think Slow, Think Better” 98
4 01.04.2022 “Mediation… A path to Concentration” 320
5 31.12.2021 “Spreading Positivity Through Card” (A Refreshing Activity) 186