• Faculty shall maintain high standards of punctuality, sincerity, honesty and professional ethics
  • No teacher shall avoid the class session because of any other work. Ensure that classes are altered in case of absence. The class hour shall be compensated by handling class in another possible day if the staff availed CL
  • Faculty shall extend cooperation to his/her colleagues and execute organisational activities assigned to them from time to time
  • Faculty must assist newly appointed staffs to adjust with the profession
  • No faculty shall provoke or instigate any student or staff against others students, colleagues or administration
  • Faculty shall handle students with respect and not to discriminate based on caste, creed, religion, gender, language or nationality
  • Faculty must complete the syllabus on time and shall treat the students fairly and equally in assessments
  • Faculty must update in the software and maintain the documents/records allocated
  • Faculty shall make an effort for continuous development by attending seminars, conferences, workshops and publishing articles in a reputed journal
  • No teaching faculty shall absent from his/her duties without prior permission from higher authorities
  • Faculty should avoid political or outside pressure on his/her superior authorities in respect of service
  • No faculty shall disclose confidential information relating to the affairs of the institution to any person not authorised
  • Faculty shall not misuse the sources provided by the institution to discharge his/her duties
  • The college may terminate the faculty, if he/she breach the code of conduct or failing to discharge any of the duties assigned
  • Faculty shall strive to be the role model for his/her students