About UBA

    Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), a flagship programme of Ministry of Education Development (MoE), Govt. of India was established in Kaamadhenu during 2019. Under this scheme UBA has adopted five villages Aangana Goundan Pudhur, Athiyappa Gounden Pudhur, M.G.R. Nagar, Karanapudhur, Malaiyadipudur.It involves faculty and students to the development of villages collaborating with district administration.


  • To engage students and faculty to understand rural realities
  • To identify/select /devise innovative technological interventions for the development of rural people as per the requirement
  • To contribute to the development of Rural India
S No Name of the Member Designation with Department Position
1 Mr.S.RavinKumar Assistant Professor in Tamil Coordinator
2 Mr.P.BoopathiMaharaja Assistant Professor in PA and IT Co-Coordinator
3 S.Dhanushkumar III BA Tamil Member
4 V.Prakash III BA Tamil Member
5 G.Manikandan III BA Tamil Member
6 C.Ranjan III B.Com PA Member
7 K.Santhosh I B.Com IT Member
8 A.Dhanush II B.Com IT Member
9 C.Rathish II B.Com IT Member
10 S.Shalin II BSc CS Member
11 M.Kabil II BSc CS Member
12 T.Reena II BCA Member
13 A.Karan III B.Com IT Member
14 V.Nandhakumar III B.Com IT Member
15 K.A.S.Vishnu III B.Com IT Member
16 R.Sasidharan II BBA Member
S No Date Events No.of Participants
1 Drinking Water Quality Survey 19-09-2023 23
2 “NammaOoruSuperu” – Campaign Rally 02-09-2022 50
3 “NammaOoruSuperu” – Campaign Water and Sanitation Awareness Programme 02-09-2022 60
4 Voters Id Link with Aadhar Card Camp 24-08-2022 51
5 Village and House Hold Survey 20-04-2022 80