"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet"

An expansive playground spreads a green carpet welcome to the students to utilize it in an exponential manner. Sports provide an opportunity to learn new skills related to the particular sport, as well as social skills. Students learn how to play by rules and respect decisions made by others. Participating in sports enhance self-image, confidence and self-respect which are positive effects of youth sports. Our PD unit is stocked with kits that enable students to play Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Shuttle, Kabaddi and other games. Developmental benefits of girls participating in sports are a higher self-esteem, higher self-confidence and a reduced risk of chronic illness. A strong contingent men Kabaddi team, has won many prizes at district and state level meet. The management is very particular about the health of the students and therefore it encourages them to actively participate in games and other activities. Sprinters of our college have taken part in various events and brought laurels.