National Service Scheme

About NSS

National Service Scheme (NSS) of Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College has a rich history of community engagement and service. Established in 26.12.2002, the club has consistently exemplified the values of the National Service Scheme by actively participating in various social initiatives. Over the years, it has organized numerous impactful projects such as (rally, awareness programmes, blood donation camps, etc.,) contributing significantly to the welfare of the local community. The club has also been instrumental in nurturing leadership skills and instilling a sense of social responsibility among its student members. Its commitment to “Not Me, But You” has left a lasting impression on the college and the surrounding area.


  • The main objective of the NSS is to instill the idea of social welfare in students and provide community services without bias
  • Every volunteer works to ensure that who is the actual needy to get help for their living which promotes living standards
  • Student personality traits will be improved through community services
  • NSS volunteers should work by mingling with the community agents who represent the people
  • Finding inherent talent in his/her knowledge through community services
  • Develop creative and constructive social work action
  • Promote or to serve in the weaker section of the community
S No Name of the Programme officer Unit Contact Number
1 Dr.S.Alakendran Unit - I 9976522201
2 Mr.M.Dinesh Unit - II 9715576051
3 Ms.M.Priyanka Unit - III 7339457024
4 Ms.U.Dhivyabharathi Unit - IV 7904046385
NSS Volunteers Roles and Responsibilities

NSS volunteers are expected to balance their academic commitments with their responsibilities within NSS, and the experience provides them with valuable life skills and a sense of social responsibility. The specific activities and focus may vary from one college to another, but the overarching goal remains community service and social betterment..

S No Date Events Organising unit/ agency/ collaborating agency No.of Participants
1 19-10-2023 Awareness rally to Save Elephants Forest Department, Sathyamangalam and Jangle NGO, Sathyamangalam 100
2 25-09-2023 NSS DAY Celebration - KASC NSS 200
3 18-8-2023 Religious Hormony Day - Pledge NSS 100
4 18-8-2023 Blood Donation Camp PHC, Ukkaram 70
5 24-07-2023 to 28-07-2023 Vaccination servey "Indhradhanush" Scheme PHC,T.N.Palayam 43