Eco Club

This club is an offshoot of the environmental programmes that were being conducted by our institution in the early days of our origin. With an objective to spread green consciousness amongst the younger generation, the eco club was born to spread awareness and initiate efforts to preserve the omnipotent nature. The club has been “green inflation” that has benefited the locality very much. A lot of saplings have been planted and new botanical concepts like the Miyawaki concept has been tried with at specific location in the premises. Efforts to choke the plastic usage in the campus has been successful and the club is taking all out efforts to make the locality a “plastic free”zone. Frequent conglomeration to discuss the importance of organic farming, water preservation, air pollution, hygiene cover, bird spotting, human-animal bondage and at times even star spotting takes place. Experts are invited to deliberate on chosen themes and at times, social expeditions are conducted to sow the seeds of green awareness amongst the public. It is not a time pass club as the members are highly charged up to remove the dust and rust that has settled on nature. Our objective is to make every enrolled student to plant a tree and create harmony, heavenly harmony.


  • Educate the students about their environment and to preserve them
  • Create a clean and green consciousness among students through various awareness programmes
  • Mobilize students towards environmental problem through scientific enquiry
  • Motivate to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation