The cell's goals include making the college campus a safe place for girls and women, empowering female students, and improving the understanding of issues affecting women among female faculty members. The cell also addresses specific concerns about the welfare and equal opportunities for female faculty, staff, and students.


Promoting the overall wellbeing of female students, faculty, and staff at the college; creating and maintaining a respectful, welcoming workplace for women; and enabling them to realize their full potential in all spheres.


  • Make women more powerful through raising awareness of their potential and pursuing the goal of creating a society free from bias
  • To educate women on a variety of topics in order to expand their social, economic, and intellectual capacities for world peace, security, and prosperity.
  • The cell holds a variety of awareness camps on topics including health, law, entrepreneurship, and self-defense in order to give the girls the knowledge they need for a life of equality, empowerment, personal growth, and professional success.
  • To give girls and women a forum where they may express their opinions and experiences regarding their place in society and offer suggestions for how to advance and empower themselves.


  • Enhance understanding of issues related to women
  • Strengthen the physical and psychological attitude of women to handle critical circumstances
  • Help women students understand their strength and potential
  • Help the students to feel independent
  • Assit the students to feel secured and safeguard themselves under any circumstances
  • Highlight the importance of health and hygiene
  • Directs Women’s role in the society
  • Develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development


Name of the Faculty/Student


1 Ms.P.Arunthathi Chairperson
2 Ms.P.Malarselvi Convener
3 Ms.T. Nathiya Coordinator
4 Ms. R.Harisnisree Co-Coordinator
5 Dr.S.Kavita Member
6 Ms. M.Kiruba Kiri Member
7 Ms.M.Sujithra Member
8 Ms.T.Nithya Member
9 Ms S.Selvarani Student Member
10 Ms A.Mohanapriya Student Member
11 Ms M.Kalaivani Student Member
12 Ms N.Priyanka Student Member
13 Ms V. Govarthini Student Member
14 Ms A.Rajalakshmi Student Member