Citizen Consumer Club

Consumer Club is a grouping compressed of students who are interested in keeping a tab on the current trend of the consumers. Businesses of the present day world thrive through ethical and unethical means and a club of this nature creates a consciousness amongst the younger generation to behave accordingly. It is vital for a nation to have smart consumers; they would force the producers to deliver standard unadulterated goods to the people. The club disseminates knowledge pertaining to the agencies that mark the standard of a product. Apart from the standard, a consumer should be knowledgeable regarding the MRP and the present day taxes. A shrewd idea of GST and other forms of taxes would enable a student to fatten his knowledge regarding consumerism. Though textbook advocates a pattern for the consumers, the club discusses the nuances of the patterns in a peasant’s voice. Experts are invited to give a pep talk regarding the consumer pattern and brainstorming sessions are held to sharpen the skills of the students. It has a vision to focus more on medical consumerism as the world has plunged itself into crisis. All the departments Kaamadhenu extend a full throated support to make the above mentioned club a proactive one


  • Create knowledge and realization about duties and responsibilities as citizens of India
  • Spread awareness about the rights and responsibilities of citizens and consumers as provided in the Constitution of India, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and other Indian Laws
  • Enable students and self-help groups to work together as a team with local communities and develop in to caring, responsible and honest citizens
  • Mobilize and impart right-consciousness, confidence to question the violations of citizen and consumer rights and fight for justice
  • Instill concern for environment and sustainable consumption habits among public