The Department of Tamil was established in the year 2001 as an allied department. M.Phil and Ph.D programmes were introduced during 2014. To bring to broad day light the rich culture and heritage of Tamil language and literature that is very much in need, at the present scenario UG Tamil was incepted in our college in 2019. Seminars and conferences are initiated to enrich the knowledge of Tamil language and its profound rich background among the students. Eminent hands, stalwarts of letters presided and delegated the functions. Festivals propagating the velour of Tamilians are celebrated in a grand manner. Department functions are the platforms extending opportunity to the most deserving students and hence we propagate their eminence in various competitions, for instance oration, composing poetry and essay writing.


BA Tamil Literature   -    Syllabus
Ph.D Tamil - P.T   -    Syllabus