Green Living is a novel concept that visualises rapid expansion of the green zone locality. Green is a symbol of fertility and as an institution we are taking utmost efforts to multiply the birth of new leaves by planting new saplings and imbibing innovative cultivational methods. An isolated pit has been earmarked for Miyawaki cultivation method in which varied plants are rooted at close quarters to improve the green line. Lots of majestic trees look at the skies with the leaves shivering at the slightest touch of breeze thereby sending a green freshness into our minds. The management and the staff are inclined to make life green in Kaamadhenu by allowing students to participate in plantation activities on pure volition. Apart from trees, decorative plants, heavy flowers, sleepy lawns and in fact even weeds adorn our campus site.

The following initiatives have been implemented in the campus

  • Plantation of Saplings
  • Mini Forest with Miyawaki method of plantation
  • Solar panel Installation
  • Rainwater Harvesting