Each and every department adopts various strategies for the programmes to make learning more students centric. The institute is well equipped with ICT tools of latest technology, teaching with ICT tools, educational videos and access of non print materials enables students to understand the lessons better. The visual interpretation stimulates and motivates students to feel the concepts. Google class room assignments and test, LCD projectors, PPT presentation, smart classes, computer lab with internet facilities and lesson plans posted in campus software are ICT enabled tools that enhance effective mode of communication. Students can view PPT, class notes and materials in campus software. The faculty members upload lectures in the youtube which helps the students to revise the topic. Students adapt themselves to the emerging educational trends.

Experiential Learning

Students are engaged in learning process through reflection on doing. Internships, service learning, student teaching and volunteering examines the actions and their thought processes along with their emotional responses. Field visit/Internships : Different academic field visits are organised to earn basic knowledge and new experiences.


Practical is an integral part of theory sessions while analysing the specialized concepts which ease classroom learning by providing knowledge through practices.

Blended Learning

The institute adopts a style of education in which students learn through technology and digital media along with traditional instructor.

Webinars and Conferences

As a part academic development webinars, conferences and guest lectures are conducted by the departments on core subjects, career oriented topics, and recent technologies to understand the topic in different perspectives.


Students gain experience through training on GST, MS Office, Excel, Power point etc. Participative Learning Competition plays major role in motivating students to perform and excel. Students get a chance to gain substantial experience to showcase their skills, analyse and evaluate the outcomes and explicit their personal attitude. They are provided in the following ways.


Students come out with different topics, debate and analyze the outcome of different opinions which enhances their learning process.

Group Discussions

Conducted to enhance the communication skills and critical thinking of the participants.


Sessions are conducted using charts on various disciplinary knowledge to gain overall perspective of the concepts.


Students involve in exhibiting practical prototypes of their subjects by showcasing their concepts as innovative models.

Online Quiz

A mind sport organised by all the departments that helps the growth of abilities and skills.

Intercollegiate Competitions

Students are encouraged to organise and participate in intercollegiate competitions which helps students to develop organising skills and new ideas.

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