Institutional Distinctiveness

From Rural to Rank and Raise Within: Nurturing the potential of students to empower themselves

The prime goals are

  • To sharpen the intellect, career and employability skills of the graduates
  • To promote entrepreneurship skills
  • To foster in the students a balanced attitude towards technical knowledge, innovative arts and sports events
  • To create a supportive environment that fosters confidence and creativity
  • To instill powerful messages in ethics and values
  • To inspire the contribution of youths towards nation building

The college was constructed as the first co-education Arts and Science College in Sathyamangalam surrounding in the year 2001. Most of our students are first generation learners of rural areas. As the vision of our college, it is indeed to elevate those students on the holistic growth. The integrated life skill development activities mainly focus on connecting students, allowing them to participate in relevant and meaningful activities that are applicable to real life. The goal of this approach is to create well-rounded individuals who are equipped with not only the knowledge and technical skills required for their chosen careers, but also the ability to navigate social and ethical situations in a responsible and respectful manner. It helps individuals to understand their roles in their communities and wider world and to equip them with the tools to make positive contributions to society and succeed in professional growth

To develop skills and competencies the following forms of instructional initiatives are taken

Promoting Academic and Professional Talents

Efforts taken in this context to develop the life skills of the students such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, self-awareness, self-care, stress management, time management, technical training session, teamwork, internship training and field visit

Inculcating Leadership Skills

All the students are given equal opportunities in the cells and committees. They serve as leaders of the clubs which instill confidence and leadership qualities.Exhibiting Creativity Exhibitions like science, business to business, B2B, marketing expo, traditional food, consumer, software and hardware, millet food exhibition, tamizhar traditional exhibition are organised to stimulate the unrevealed competence of the students

Enabling Social Competence

To sensitize the students and to contribute to the environmental concerns, the college undertakes plantation drives and cleanliness drives, many of which are in collaboration with governmental agencies and NGOs. Awareness programmes are conducted to sensitize the society and students regarding social, ecological, emotional issues like say no to plastic, rain water harvesting, voter awareness and health and hygiene. Donation camps such as blood donation, blankets to needy, stationery to orphans, relief materials during flood and Covid etc is a regular practice. Volunteers are encouraged to actively participate in surveys, linking aadhar with voter id, election duty support, handling classes in government schools to groom students into compassionate and engaged individuals

Identifying Extracurricular Abilities

Sparx, an interdepartmental cultural competition and various events such as oratorical, debates, quiz and essay writing at regular basis are organized by Fine Arts & Cultural Club and departments where platform is created to build stage courage and organising skills among students. They are also encouraged to participate and showcase their talents in the intercollegiate cultural competitions. Physical education department trains the students with various sports which help them to be physically fit

Educating Values

During induction programme, the freshers are guided about self discipline, punctuality, hard work and honesty. Birth and death anniversaries of great personalities are celebrated to leave imprints of their life and work in the minds of the youth. National Days observed and practiced to sing national anthem by students in every activity to inculcate values and sense of nationalism and patriotism. Regular yoga sessions reduce stress and improve flexibility and strength of students

Acknowledging Achievements

The college provides various awards and certificates to honour the meritorious students for highest percentage, best outgoing student, proficiency, appreciation award for university rank holders, monthly best N-List user to recognize and reward their achievement


The above mentioned practices helped the students to develop their educational needs. Their involvement in attending the training and community services is the strongest evidence for success. Moreover specific improvement in all areas like development of skills, personality traits and social responsibility is also revealed. Student awareness and knowledge on employment has increased. The holistic development activities support them to get placement in many reputed companies and to become entrepreneurs in the society. The best proof of the initiatives is the participation of students in media outlets, debates in channels, assistant director roles, etc. In sports players have achieved at zonal level and university level matches. Students are employed in uniform services of government departments via sports quota which we believe is a result of our initiative in sports and games