Environment Activities

The activities undertaken by the college

  • Advocating environmental policies
  • Tree plantation
  • Clean up litters
  • Ban plastics
  • Using renewable energy sources such as solar power plant, bio-gas plant, etc.,
  • Supporting conservation efforts through donations/volunteer work
The prime aim of environmental activities is to protect, conserve, and improve the natural environment. Some specific objectives are

  • Conserve natural resources by promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste usage
  • Reduce pollution by implementing measures to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy sources
  • Enhance and educate students and the public on the importance of human well-being and environmental sustainability
  • Protect endangered species and preserve biodiversity
The goals achieved through

  • Reduced usage of water
  • Involved student volunteers in promoting healthy lifestyles and enhancing access to green spaces in the neighbor community
  • Created awareness among public through the environmental activities and encouraged them to plant trees to protect the environment
  • Improved natural habitats which can help to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species